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Alumni Updates

We are very proud of all our graduates! Several of our former students are studying across the country and internationally. Our future artists, writers, politicians, engineers, designers, and community leaders are making a difference. Stevenson faculty and college program recognizes and encourages students to follow their unique talents, passions, and dreams. Collaboration with the students and the college counselor, who specializes in planning the next steps, proves to be successful.

Julia ’15
Julia is currently in her second of three years at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in the UK. She’s studying acting, and loves living overseas in a single flat just steps from the school. So far she’s taken full advantage of her proximity to Europe, having traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Edinburgh, and three times to London.

Once she graduates in 2018, she’ll have a couple of options. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, she can remain in the UK to pursue work for two additional years after her student visa expires, or she may come back to NYC and start auditioning for acting jobs in her home town – we’ll have to wait and see how things go.

Tyrell ’16
“I have matured after one semester. I feel like I’m becoming a greater person than I could ever imagine. The transition between New York City to Henniker, New Hampshire was difficult. My grades have exceeded my expectations substantially. I passed all my classes with B’s and higher. I feel like the reason for this was I was ready for college, and I knew to ask for help from my professors when I needed it.

“Making friends was easy. Everyone here is really nice even though my dorm never sleeps. I started a hip hop group. My roommate is probably the closest thing to a little brother. Isaiah and I have become closer since the first day.

“My favorite class by far is my “The Nature Principle” with the most amazing professor. The class is supposed to be about nature of course but I found it to be a spiritual journey. I was two seconds away from dropping the class but something told me I’ll get a lot out of it and I sure did.

“College has also taught me so much about myself that I didn’t even know. I’m a workaholic. It is really cool how many people are believing in my future dreams. It makes me feel happy.

“My College Counselor, Ms. Amy Shalita, told me, “Regardless of your past, the future is up to you. The college experience should be explored by each and every student, no matter what.” If it wasn’t for her, I would not be where I am today and that’s at a University where I am learning and growing as a human being.”

Dani ’16
“I currently study at NYU with a major in special education. My goal in life is to run a special education school! I’ve made lots of friends – which was challenging at first – but became easier as time went on. If I could give a piece of advice for rising seniors it would be to keep going and persevere through all of the challenges because hard work pays off!”