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Make Art Happen: Art Manifest 2017

For the ninth consecutive year, Stevenson celebrated a week of creative expression with Art Manifest. Students and teachers participated in a week of visual, culinary, literary, and performance arts workshops led by a host of professional and amateur artists from NYC.

The week concluded with the Art Manifest Showcase performance, a talent show featuring the Stevenson student body. Acts included lyrical and hip-hop dancing, piano performances, an Anton Chekhov play, and martial arts, and concluded with the foot-tapping Stevenson Rock band.

“What an experience it was to witness the enormous amount of talent in our school community,” said Art Manifest coordinator Rebecca Cavalier, “I was blown away by each and everyone of them.”

In a Stevenson first, students from the Creative Expressions class performed an entirely memorized 20-minute Anton Chekhov play. The show was directed by Jackie Silvestri, Stevenson’s Creative Expressions teacher.

“They were truly incredible,” reflects Silvestri, “A lot of the students in my classes have never performed before, so there is a lot of risk-taking and experimentation that brings a piece of theater to life.”

“I was really nervous right beforehand, but as soon as I got up on stage I was really just having a fun time performing,” noted student performer Alana B.

Also a first was the “Runway”, a fashion show coordinated by junior Sam K., featuring styles and trends of Stevenson students.

“I’m always crafting and designing my own clothes,” Sam commented as he was sporting on the catwalk, “So I thought it be fun to showcase my fashion sense as well as that of others.”

Below please find links to video clips of segments of the show.

Congratulations to all the performers, and a special thank you to all those involved with coordinating Art Manifest!