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Stevenson Travels Upstate for Annual Ski Trip

The Stevenson School deeply values outdoor education and how it can contribute to a student’s well-being. Our school has a long standing tradition of bringing students outside of the classroom and into the great outdoors, and on February 3rd, students traveled upstate to Windham Mountain for the annual Stevenson ski trip. This tradition began with former Dean of School, Ric Couchman and Head Master, Bud Henrichsen, and goes back at least twenty five years.

Athletics Director Nick Alexander coordinated this year’s ski trip and is honored that is he able to continue this long standing tradition. “The RLS Windham Mountain ski trip is a truly unique experience that does not merely teach students how to ski and snowboard,” Nick states “This day is effective in helping students maximize both their personal and group development.”

Stevenson students report that the ski trip has helped elevate their self-confidence and interpersonal skills. This outdoor experience, together with the skills developed make the ski trip a valuable educational experience for both Stevenson students and faculty.