Manhattan's Only Therapeutic College Prep Independent School

Welcome from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Stevenson!  Our school holds a unique position within both the New York City education landscape and the continuum of care for emotionally complex students.  As an NYC Independent school, our teachers have the freedom to create educational experiences that meet each student’s needs, without one size fits all state mandates on curriculum, textbooks, and testing.  And as a therapeutic day school, we embrace students who struggle to find emotional safety at traditionally structured schools and offer them the support they need in the moment.

We are a strong community committed to each other.  We begin each day with our full faculty and clinical staff discussing students, and we end each week with an all school community meeting to share information and celebrate student successes.  In between, students’ time is spent in advising groups, classes, sports and other co-curricular activities, and counseling.   Each of these aspects of the day, in its own way, guides students in developing the habits of mind and habits of heart that promote emotional well-being and allow their intelligence and academic curiosity to flourish.

We are also a diverse and vibrant community.  Our students have a wide range of backgrounds, personal identities, and struggles.  We respect these differences, and we provide the instruction and nurturing that allow students to get what they need from the school community and to encourage each other.  Our students also have varied interests and talents, which we promote and encourage.  And, as the needs of our students change over time, our teachers and clinicians have the flexibility to adjust goals and expectations.  We always balance the support we provide with the gentle pushes that students need to continue to grow both academically and emotionally.

It’s never a smooth journey with emotional complexity, and you will need different people and different places to help at different times.  If you think a college preparatory therapeutic day school may be the right choice for you, we hope you will speak with us about Stevenson.

Bob Cunningham
Executive Director