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Art Manifest at Stevenson

From April 25th-27th, Stevenson continued its annual tradition of hosting Art Manifest. The three-day festival, celebrating artistic innovation and creativity through a series of hands-on workshops, culminated with a performance by the Stevenson Rock Band.

“Art Manifest is a time when professional artists become a personal reality for all students and staff,” Stevenson Associate Head of School Chris Ongaro said.

Art Manifest was led by Stevenson English teacher Rebecca Cavalier and it went off without a hitch.

“Art Manifest was a huge success this year,” Rebecca said. “Many of the artists shared with me how mature and talented our students seemed in their workshops. In many ways, this event brought out the best in our community. We were able to see hidden talents and newly discovered interests. In our final survey, most of the students agreed that Art Manifest brought us together as school. I hope that this event continues to strengthen the ties both within our student body and between Stevenson and the art world of NYC.”

Stevenson togetherness was evident throughout the three days. Great moments came from seemingly everywhere. Among a seemingly endless list of activities that brought the best out of the community, students shared heartfelt poetry; taught one another dance choreography, silk-screened shirts together; made pico de gallo; and performed voice-over auditions.

Prior to Art Manifest, students and faculty signed up for the workshops of their choice. For instance, students could take a photography class during first period and explore gender through art in the second, with both workshops led by visiting artists.

Though there were too many to name all, many artists made noteworthy impact on the Stevenson community. Students studied healthy cooking with accomplished chef Richard Stein and drew dragons with artist Roger Gaitan. They took a metal casting workshop with Stevenson parent Pablo Calamera, while former Stevenson student Adira Bennett led a poetry workshop. Artist Jon Bunge hosted a raised salt painting class. There was even music, with the world music group House of Waters.

“From pasta to bluegrass, from professionals to peers, Art Manifest is a commitment to artistic diversity,” Ongaro said. “Art Manifest generates thinking, doing, and connecting in ways not expected amid high school norms. That expansive, novel process is a possibility not just to do art but to see each other as artists.”

This was even the case for a few lucky Stevenson students who led workshops with faculty supervision. In one particular workshop led a senior a group of students and faculty collaborated on one poem. Togetherness indeed.