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COVID-19 Information

At Stevenson, our focus goes well beyond textbooks, and in times like this we continue to hold safety and wellness as chief priorities. Amid the COVID-19 scenario, we are leaning heavily on the medical professionals in our community (key links below). We are also fortunate to be in close, frequent contact with our peer independent [more…]

Civil Rights Activist Ruby Bridges Delivers Stevenson Graduation Address

You know her. Ruby was the brave six-year-old who climbed the steps of the William Frantz Elementary School in November 1960 and broke the southern school segregation barrier by becoming the first African American to attend the all-white school. What better person to reinforce the importance of progress and hope during today’s uncertain times? The [more…]

Interview with a Shakespeare Superstar

Earlier this spring, Maggie, Stevenson class of 2020, qualified for the English Speaking Union’s annual Shakespeare Competition. The competition was held at the Morgan Library. It included students from all over New York City reciting Shakespearen monologues in front of a live audience. Maggie expounded on the experience, her love of Shakespeare, the monologue she [more…]

Taking Risks

Playing the stock market is all about taking risks. In Heidi Olson’s Economics and Investing class, Stevenson students utilize their research skills by looking at stock tickers, company CEOs, products, competitive position, market cap, and historical performance in order to make informed decisions when playing the SIFMA stock market simulation, a nationwide competition. Each participating [more…]

A Successful Soccer Season

The Robert Louis Stevenson soccer team enjoyed a successful fall season, finishing with four wins and one loss before falling in the Metro League semifinal to Hallen School in a match at Van Cortlandt Park. RLS finished the regular season in second place on the strength of three lopsided victories. Justin and Nelson tallied five [more…]

Stevenson’s Award-winning Filmmaker

Inspiration can strike at any time. For Alex, a Stevenson senior, a moment of brilliance with his dad has morphed into a transformative, award-winning experience. Father and son were in the car having recently watched a documentary film about an incredibly expensive restaurant when they realized they had material to plumb. “The guy was talking [more…]

2019 – 2020 School Year Underway

The 2019-20 Robert Louis Stevenson school year is off to a jam-packed start. To kick things off, there were two orientation days, one for new students on Tuesday, September 3rd, and one for returning students on Wednesday, September 4th. The first days of school that followed blended the returning students with their new peers for [more…]

Performing Arts at Stevenson

On Friday May 24th, seven Stevenson students put on a production of Georges Feydau’s Caught with His Trance Down at the Kraine Theater in the East Village. The play, a French farce about the power of hypnotism from 1891, drew rave reviews from those in attendance. The play’s versatile ensemble featured Bonnie, Max, Flora Grace, [more…]

A Unique Sporting Culture Lives at Stevenson

Twelve years ago, the Stevenson sports program began with three softball games against Legacy High School. Stevenson won one, lost one, and tied one when the umpire received a phone call and had to work another game. That tie, a quirky fluke occurrence that defines the first bit of Stevenson sports history, is just one [more…]

Preparing for the Path with Starsky Robotics

In education there exists an old statement about preparing children for the path instead of the path for the children.  As Stevenson’s Computer Science students recently learned, new successes with a similar philosophy now exist in the automotive world—a world in which engineers are rethinking ways to prepare vehicles for the road. Stevenson was lucky [more…]