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A Unique Sporting Culture Lives at Stevenson

Twelve years ago, the Stevenson sports program began with three softball games against Legacy High School. Stevenson won one, lost one, and tied one when (… more)

Preparing for the Path with Starsky Robotics

In education there exists an old statement about preparing children for the path instead of the path for the children.  As Stevenson’s Computer Science students (… more)

Music Soars at Stevenson

Music, the saying goes, is a universal language. At Stevenson, it’s also an exuberant social and emotional outlet. Stevenson’s Rock Band is, and has been, (… more)

Student Organizations at Stevenson

Many paths exist in student life at Stevenson.  We closely followed three prominent organizations to see how they serve as a platform for student engagement (… more)

Winter Break Send-off

This is a slideshow showing our community right before winter break.

Thanksgiving 2018 at Stevenson

Camaraderie, thankfulness and food marked the month of November at Stevenson… Tuesday, November 20th students and faculty enjoyed a catered meal together, as is school (… more)

Halloween 2018 at Stevenson

Spirits were high at Stevenson on Halloween. Students and faculty alike embraced the holiday, with costumes ranging from a hot dog to Sherlock Holmes to (… more)

2018 – 2019 School Year Underway

The 2018-19 academic year got off to a jam-packed start at the Robert Louis Stevenson School. To kick things off, there were two orientation days (… more)

Art Manifest at Stevenson

From April 25th-27th, Stevenson continued its annual tradition of hosting Art Manifest. The three-day festival, celebrating artistic innovation and creativity through a series of hands-on (… more)

Mira Krishnan Meets with Stevenson Students, Faculty and Parents in a Day Dedicated to Diversity

Mira Krishnan visited Stevenson as part of a Day of Diversity discussion on Tuesday, January 30th. Mira, a social entrepreneur and feminist activist, seized and (… more)