Manhattan's Only Therapeutic College Prep Independent School

Why Stevenson?

We know that you are looking at top Manhattan schools. All offer small class sizes, excellent academics, sports and a broad range of extra-curricular activities. Stevenson offers all this, and we go further. We have designed our program so that children challenged with anxiety, depression and other mood disorders can thrive, succeed and prepare for college.

Stevenson provides comprehensive therapeutic support that informs every aspect of our work with adolescents. No other independent school in NYC does this.

The blending of three key program components makes a Stevenson education unique…

  • Rich Academic Content
  • Integrated Clinical Support
  • One-of-a-Kind Advising (three times a day)

Rich Academic Content

Stevenson offers the full suite of academic coursework expected from top college preparatory independent schools. Our course curricula are thoughtfully based on what universities expect, what leading schools do, and what a willingness to innovate can make possible. High-interest content promotes engagement and facilitates development. Principles of mindfulness and the language of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are incorporated into academic classes.

Integrated Clinical Support

It is impossible for a student to fall through the cracks at Stevenson. Each day begins before our students arrive when all faculty and clinical professionals meet to discuss students’ progress and immediate and ongoing needs.

One-of-a-Kind Advising

Faculty are also advisors, meeting with students at least three times a day. Advisors help students to develop and refine executive function skills and address immediate academic and social challenges. Short and long term goals are created and monitored for each student during advising sessions.

Professional Development

Teaching gifted adolescents who have not realized their potential involves special responsibilities. Teachers at Stevenson are sensitive to individual needs, but also provide the leadership and control necessary for students to feel secure. While setting clear limits, they accept their students sincerely and are quick to give recognition to every sign of effort and achievement.

Our teachers excel in their academic fields and are involved in ongoing training and supervision to enhance their pedagogical skills and psychological understanding. Ongoing professional development brings leading authorities in psychology and psychiatry to support skills-based coaching, teaching and treatment. We provide specialized professional development in Dialectical Behavior Therapy informed mindfulness for all teachers and specialists. We explicitly teach the language of emotions.

School Schedule

Stevenson’s school schedule is purposefully designed to be responsive to our students’ needs. We begin the day for students at 9:00 AM. This later start gives students more opportunity to get to school on time.

Our day is also paced so that students have no more than two classes in a row without at least a 15-minute break. In addition, there are built-in daily times when students can meet with teachers to receive additional personalized instruction.