Manhattan's Only Therapeutic College Prep Independent School


Visual and Studio Art Classes

Art classes meet four or five periods per week. The art classes are taught from an approach that relies heavily on studio and material experience. There are, however, elements of discipline-based art education (DBAE). DBAE is centered on a systematic sequential teaching method that emphasizes four areas of the arts: art production, art criticism, art history, and aesthetics. This approach to art education provides a wide range of learning techniques that can act as a conceptual bridge to other subjects. Skills as well as creativity are developed during this process.


Beginning in 2012, Stevenson has had professional collaborations with multiple galleries and artists. This opportunity for public affirmation of students’ efforts allows them to build pride and confidence in their own abilities and provide a forum for positive and reinforcing interactions between parents and their children.

Photography and Film

Photography and Film classes are led by full-time staff, who are also established professionals in the media field.

Throughout a year in Film, students can expect to explore overarching ideas: filmmaking as a juxtaposition of images that advance a story, film having three phases (each with their own rules and traditions), and every story having a beginning, middle and end.  While exploring such big ideas, students may work with specific topics like composition of visual images, the elements of a non-dialogue screenplay, and key skills such as footage organization and project setup.

Throughout a year in Photography, students can expect to explore such overarching ideas as the importance of exposure, focus, white balance, and lens selection; the role of a clear primary subject in the photographic frame; and photography’s need for purpose, meaning, and stopping power.  Like all of our work in the Arts at Stevenson, class experiences integrate both thinking and doing—direct opportunities to practice the craft and conceptual grounding to deepen an understanding of those tasks.

Art Manifest

Art Manifest is an annual celebration of and immersion in varied art forms for the entire Stevenson community. Students, faculty, and staff participate in multiple days of workshops, art projects, and literary readings, as well as dramatic and musical performances. We extend invitations to professionals who work in fields like culinary, visual, dramatic, literary, dance, music  to come and share their process/experience.  We also go to visit such artists on their home turfs for a deep New York City arts experience.  Just some of our participants have included Tony Danza – actor/author, Lexi Fridell – Broadway actress, senior editor Tracy Sherrod, Stevie Phillips – Broadway producer, and Lauren Fox – actress/entrepreneur.