Manhattan's Only Therapeutic College Prep Independent School

College Counseling

Stevenson’s college counselor is a resource for students and families as they consider post-secondary options. Our goal is to help students to advance to schools or programs that will continue to meet their academic and social-emotional needs. The college counselor begins working with families in 11th grade and holds periodic individual and small group meetings with students and parents.

In their junior year, students receive recommendations for specific colleges and universities that may best meet their needs. A list of nine schools that represent the spectrum of options that would be appropriate for the student is developed in conjunction with each student and family. These nine schools become the focus of Stevenson’s efforts on behalf of the student. Families are, of course, free to pursue additional schools as well, but the emphasis of the college counselor’s work will be on the nine mutually agreed upon schools.

The college counselor’s goal is for students to take ultimate responsibility for following clear schedule guidelines and completing the application process, including completing testing requirements, writing and editing required essays, preparing and scheduling visits and interviews, and securing letters of recommendation from faculty and others. In this way, students achieve a sense of ownership of the process and accomplishment when they finish. They are also better prepared for college where they must take on greater self-responsibility and self-advocacy.

Stevenson also maintains direct communication with many colleges. We invite representatives to campus, and our college counselor regularly visits schools. These professional relationships allow us to advocate for our students and to provide current, first-hand information to families.