Manhattan's Only Therapeutic College Prep Independent School

For Families

Stevenson’s approach to education is most effective when there is meaningful collaboration with families and outside support professionals who work with our students.  With that team approach in mind, all Stevenson students are required to maintain an ongoing relationship with a therapist outside of school. Parents are encouraged to engage in family therapy when needed and to attend parenting workshops held throughout the year at Stevenson. Parents are also obligated to follow through on recommendations made by the clinical team.

To ensure close, effective communication, Stevenson has established several processes that have proven to work well for the school, families, and outside professionals. For parents, students’ advisors are usually the best first point of contact. Advisors share updates about academic and social-emotional progress with parents every week. If advisors are unable to address any concerns, they will connect the parent with someone who can.  Stevenson’s clinical team also communicates frequently with parents and is the primary point of contact for outside professionals.

Stevenson Parent-to-Parent Support is a parent group designed as a networking and psychoeducation resource for those raising kids who are emotionally complex.  This service is FREE and open to parents from any NYC school.