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Stevenson Students Volunteer for POTS

The Stevenson Community Service Group (Jake, Casey, Lili, Chris, Mia, Jaron, Hailey, and Jessica) volunteered to serve lunch in the Part of the Solution (POTS) Community Dining Room in November.

POTS is a non-profit organization in the Bronx that believes that every person should have access to the essentials of life and the support necessary to achieve stability, and ultimately self-sufficiency. POTS provides a variety of comprehensive and coordinated services including but not limited to a: Community Dining Room, Food Pantry, Mail Services, Barbershop, Clothing Room, Shower Facilities, Legal Clinic, and Case Management Services.

Below are two student reflections indicative of the group’s overall sentiment:

“We sometimes focus on our own issues and don’t have the thought to care about others…the trip opened up something in me to think outside of myself when I can.” – Stevenson student

“[The manager at POTS] helped you to understand that when you have a job, you can do it for yourself. You may not need the help you think you do.” – Stevenson student