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Student Author Spotlight

This year the Stevenson Press worked to identify some of the very best writers in our community and set a goal of getting their work into print. With that in mind, we are pleased to release Absolution, a chapbook of poetry and prose by Clara Bauer, as the first chapbook in this new series. Presented here in digital form, you will find some highly provocative poetry, as well as a riveting and unpredictable short story. Clara’s voice is powerful and their content is captivating. Enjoy the read!

Absolution by Clara Bauer

Nothing quite compares to a good book of poetry. Verse engages and challenges the reader in a way that other art forms cannot quite access. Poetry is special. Jeremy Negrin’s poetry, contained between these two virtual covers, is special too. Their work both disturbs and enraptures – quite a feat for anyone who wields a pen. Enjoy the read!

Meat by Jeremy Negrin

Emily Apple’s piece of short fiction, Puppet, is genuinely creepy. Creep Show creepy! And, just like Stephen King, Emily makes her reader work through the weird and the whacky to uncover the true literary gem lying beneath. Puppet is a compelling study in richly developed characters and all the things that can go wrong, terribly wrong, at an all-American family restaurant. Once you begin reading Puppet you won’t be able to put it down. Go ahead, prove me wrong!

Puppet by Emily Apple

Note: It is the policy of the Robert Louis Stevenson School that full student names are not shared publicly; however, names are intentionally included on this page with parent permission to directly recognize student excellence.  We are proud to have these authors as part of the Stevenson community.