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Thanksgiving 2018 at Stevenson

Camaraderie, thankfulness and food marked the month of November at Stevenson…

Tuesday, November 20th students and faculty enjoyed a catered meal together, as is school tradition. Members of the administration and staff served chicken, rice, french fries, and vegetables, so students wouldn’t tire of turkey and mashed potatoes. Students were responsible for bringing in desserts. Advising groups combined for the meal, so the students could foster community togetherness before departing for the holiday.

On November 14th, Stevenson parents got together for the annual fall Parents Association potluck dinner, an opportunity to build community and forge bonds by breaking bread and sharing a meal. The event was a success, with more than enough food for everyone in attendance.

It would appear that, as the winter approaches, everyone in the Stevenson community is rested and well fed.